I help companies improve the user experience of their software products.

I’m Malte, a Berlin-based User Experience Designer who works on software products of all kinds, strictly building the user interfaces I design on user research and usability testing.

A general rule of thumb: I work for users humans your customers. If you feel like reading more about me and my approach to design, feel free—it’s a 1 min read.

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Recent work

You are not your user

In February 2020—before COVID-19 ruined all our lives—I gave a talk about usability testing, explaining to our PMs and devs why they aren’t their users. Also includes: unproven studies, a bad bar joke, and lots of emojies.

Calendars do not need tables

Who said they did? No one, but yet all available calendar apps are nothing but tables. We challenged the general conception of calendars, and mocked the first one without a single table: Google Streams.

Finn, a financial assistant

Finn is a tool designed to build confidence between bank and customer. A major part of that: breaking away from typical UI of banking apps and opening up new horizons.

Do’s and Dont’s of voice UI

In May 2019, I spoke about general rules when designing for voice user interfaces at the Connected Home Conference in Cologne. My presentation was part of the talk Voice - Convenience Boost for IoT and was held in collab with Commerzbank’s Senior VP of UI, Christian Wendrock-Prechtl.

Less Post-Its with VIA

A solution for the multitude of pain points of current brainstorming methods. VIA handles the timekeeping, the moderator, the structure, everything—just with her voice. VIA was presented to Google engineers at Google offices in Hamburg and Berlin.

Currently …

Employed at Berlin’s Smartbroker Holding AG as User Experience Design Specialist. I have done both my Bachelor’s and Master’s at the UAS Potsdam and started teaching there as an Associate Lecturer in Summer 2023.

Contact details

+49 151 7005 1997

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