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The Do’s and Dont’s of voice user interfaces

After creating VIA, a Voice Ideation Assistant for brainstorming, I was invited by Commerzbank’s Senior VP of UI, Christian Wendrock-Prechtl, to speak at a conference in Cologne in May 2019.

I speak about 6 general rules when designing for voice interfaces, 3 Do’s and 3 Dont’s. We learned these rules the hard way when working on our first voice user interface, VIA. Here’s a list:

1. Don’t create lengthy and hard to follow responses.
2. Don’t create linear conversations.
3. Don’t force the user into a conversation.

1. Do provide fast feedback.
2. Do design with a focus on the user journey.
3. Do design authentic conversations.

For the reasoning behind these rules, watch the talk:

Talk in May 2019 at the Connected Home Conference in Cologne.

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