In 2009, my job title would’ve been web designer.

… is something I‘d say to relatives when they’d question what my studies as “UX designer“ were going to be about. Obviously, that’s not true and my approach to design is entirely different—–but Aunt Margarete doesn’t care much about that.

My approach to design is actually quite simple: I strive to design digital interfaces with a focus on pragmatism and usability. I work for your customers. While visually beautiful interfaces are surely a part of that, I specialize in the research behind it and the resulting usability. An artsy website that takes you on a quest to find its menu is—in my eyes—not a good fit if you want to sell something.

Generally speaking, I try to do my job as pragmatically as possible. My goal is to solve concrete problems and thus improve the usability of software products. With this I also want to pursue your goal, whether it is the increase of turnover, a more benevolent user base or any other goal you might have. In order to achieve these goals, in addition to typical design methods, I also use qualitative and quantitative market research methods.

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